Author's Responsibility & Ethics

Submitted manuscripts must be the original work of the author/s and unpublished manuscripts only should be submitted. All the authors should clearly mention their part of contribution to the manuscript. A mere statement stating all authors contributed equally cannot be accepted. This policy is adopted to avoid ghostwriting practices. Author/s must acknowledge financial and non-financial support in the development of the manuscript. Please visit the Authors' guidelines before submission of articles to the journal. 
The research issues discussed in the manuscript should be innovative and useful to the readers and the researchers triggering future scope for study. The author should preferably develop a new framework or theory or advancement in an existing one. Methods should be applied rigorously with proper justification. The discussion and conclusion must be supported by high-quality published research references. The article should be clear, easy to understand, and reader-friendly, and the arguments should be logical, and should not be contradicting. The authors requested to maintain quality standards as no compromising on the quality will be tolerated. Last but not the least, the sources of data used in the development of the manuscript must be acknowledged properly.
An accepted paper is sent to the author prior to publishing for proofreading. The author/s will be held responsible for any mistakes that appear in the paper thereafter.