Backlogs through Bottlenecks in Warehouse Pickups Areas: A Case Study - Gulf Nails manufacturing LLC


  • Ahmed Said Mohammed Said Al Saqri Middle East College
  • Panagiotis Nikolaou Middle East College


Bottleneck, Backlogs, Pick up Areas in Warehouse, Manufacturing companies in Oman, Warehouse Management System Tools



The study aims to investigate backlogs within the picking procedures, to find out what is causing storage picking bottlenecks, and to estimate its effect on creating throughout warehouse picking operations.


For this study, a survey questionnaire was used to collect data from a primary source. The staff of the Gulf Nails Enterprise was taken into account as the population of the study. A total of 20 responses were recorded from the population of 50 persons employed in the company. The collected data was analyzed quantitatively to bring out the results.


The findings confirmed that the most of the warehouse pickup area bottlenecks occur due to least adaptation towards technologies. It is shown that the bottleneck issue could affect 20 to 30 percent of the production line. It is also evidenced that not only tools but strategic planning and efforts by the staff are extremely important in solving a bottleneck issue.

Research limitations/implications

The study recommended that an inventory management system would keep the bottlenecks in check. Introducing modern technology, could help to solve such issues so that human efforts would not be wasted. It is also suggested that the firm should not rely fully on the technology solutions as it is also one of the causes of bottlenecks.

Social implications

This paper will help understand, recognize and solve the various issues faced by the majority of companies in the area of warehouse pickups, not only in Oman but outside as well.


There has been a lot of studies and research on several areas of warehouse operations but none so far on the topic of the general pickup area of the warehouse.




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Al Saqri, A., & Nikolaou, P. (2021). Backlogs through Bottlenecks in Warehouse Pickups Areas: A Case Study - Gulf Nails manufacturing LLC. International Journal of Research in Entrepreneurship &Amp; Business Studies, 2(3), 27–36. Retrieved from