The Impact of COVID-19 on the Financial Performance of Bank Dhofar


  • Adnan Ali Al Bimani Middle East College
  • Maria Teresa Matriano Middle East College


Financial Performance, Bank Dhofar, Financial Performance of the bank, Banking Sector, COVID-19


Purpose: The aims of this research was to identify how COVID-19 had affected the financial performance of Bank Dhofar, to analyze the financial performance indicators, to evaluate how did Bank Dhofar react to the changes and to evaluate whether Bank Dhofar had taken right action take to mitigate potential financial performance damages.

Design/methodology/approach: This research follows a descriptive analytics research method. The primary data was collected using a questionnaire. Samples were selected based on random sampling technique. 30 samples were collected from those who were related to and involved in the audit and accounting of the financial information services of Bank Dhofar. Once the data was collected, the analysis was done using Microsoft Excel.

Findings: Based on the financial reports, COVID-19 has negatively impacted the profit generated of Bank Dhofar and also negatively impacted the Net Interest Margin (NIM). Bank Dhofar had also taken necessary precautionary measures against COVID-19 such as reserves and provisions.

Research limitations/implications: Based on the results, it was recommended that the Bank focuses on the digitized platform for an even more efficient mean of working remotely and focus on employee morale, as these factors may negatively impact financial performance.

Social Implications : This research would add collective knowledge on how COVID-19 affected the nation and could influence decision makers, rules and regulations.

Originality / Value: No research was found regarding the financial performance of a bank in Oman during COVID-19. This research was an attempt to tackle the situation and thrown light.




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