Customer Usage Behaviour of Fintech Products In Sultanate Of Oman


  • Iman Rabiaa Salim Al Rubaiai University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Shinas
  • Shanmuga Pria


FinTech, Technology Acceptance Model, Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology, Usage of FinTech, Intention to use FinTech


Purpose: The objective of this research paper is to analyze the constructs behind the FinTech usage behavior and which factors contribute to the new financial technologies and to what extent demographic profiles affect FinTech adoption in Oman and analyze the factors that contribute to new business models of financial institutions from the adoption of convergent technologies in FinTech.

Design/methodology/approach: This paper provides a comprehensive literature review focused on scholarly and practitioner experiences with FinTech practices in an Omani institutional environment. A total of 250 questionnaires were collected in Oman. The study was carried out using descriptive statistics and regression analysis.

Findings: There is a positive and significant relationship between all the variables – Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Social Influence, Facilitating Conditions, Hedonic Motivation, Habit, Perceived risk, and Trust have a positive and significant relationship with Behavioural Intention to adopt FinTech. Social Influence posited the strongest influence on the customers in the form of societal pressures to adopt change, followed by Effort Expectancy wherein there is no need for the financial knowledge of the process of the new system towards carrying out banking transactions.

Research limitations/implications: It was recommended that the finding of the study should be introduced so that the stakeholders of FinTech products can enrich the consumer intention in adopting FinTech.

Social Implications: The study helps in making proper decision-making towards ease of banking transactions. The study also will help the retail managers in to improve the process so that the customer accepts such financial technologies. 

Originality / Value: This paper is the first study of its kind to report the status of FinTech adoption in Oman.




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