Examining the Effect of Budgetary Controls on the Financial Performance of Oman Telecommunication Company


  • Raya Mohammed Amur Al Mahroqi Middle East College
  • Maria Teresa Martiano Middle East College


Budgetary Control, Financial Pereformance, Budgetary Control Techniques, Involvement of Top-level Management in Budgetary Control, Financial Performance



The objectives of the study were to analyze the different budgetary control techniques that affect and how it affects the financial performances; to determine the ways of effective budgetary control affecting the financial performances and to identify and to evaluate the roles of top management in budgetary control techniques of the Oman Telecommunications Company.

Research Methodology

A questionnaire was prepared for collecting the survey.  The respondents were the employees of the financial department and also officials and supervisors from other departments of the Oman Telecommunications Company. The questionnaires were distributed to 60 members and the data collected was analyzed using Microsoft Excel to obtain the frequencies, percentages, and descriptive analysis.


The results indicated that there is a positive relationship between budgetary control and the financial performance of the company.

The results also indicated that the company preferred the Responsibility accounting technique, Revenue budgeting technique, and variance analysis technique. It is also reported that the management is informed of the deviations regularly, and the managers take corrective measures promptly as and when required. It was found that the top management of the Oman Telecommunications Company is aware of the importance of budgetary control techniques and supports them.

Research Implication

From the results, it was recommended that the company should give prior attention to developing budgetary control through proper planning, ensure continuous evaluation of comparative analysis of actuals vs. budget. It was also suggested that the company introduce enterprise resource planning (ERP) as the monitoring will become easy for the financial management in ensuring the productivity of the employees in the budgetary control process.

Social Implication

The study will allow financial managers in various companies to understand the serious nature of budgetary control techniques, their importance, and the extent of the impact which in turn will help them to improve efficiency in achieving financial performances.


No study was carried out before to study the impact of budgetary control on the organizational performance of Oman Telecommunication Company. This is a maiden attempt.




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