Factors Influencing Omani Traveler’s Preference While Choosing Low-Cost Airlines and Full-Service Airlines


  • Naila Al Raisi Student, Oman Tourism College
  • Yugesh Krishnan Oman Tourism College




Omani Travelers, Low-Cost Airlines, Full-Service Airlines, Air line preferences, Airline Prices, Service Quality of Airlines in Oman, Air line safety



Purpose: The objective of this research was to determine the factors that influence Omani travellers in making airline selection decisions as well as to examine their perception and the level of satisfaction with the quality of services provided by Oman Air and Salam Air.

Design/methodology/approach: A mixed methods research approach was employed in this study to gather primary data through a survey questionnaire and analyse it accordingly. A simple Random sampling method was used with a sample size of 80, 40 from Oman Air and 40 from Salam Air. Inferential Statistics and descriptive statistics have been attained using the collected data from the questionnaire which provided closed-ended questions including rankings using a 5-point Likert Scale.

Findings: The findings of the study revealed that Omani traveller’s selecting Oman Air as a preferred airline is influenced by airline image, customer service, and safety factors while Omani traveller’s selecting Salam Air as their preferred airline is most influenced by factors including price, baggage handling, and booking options. Travelers’ perception of the service quality indicated that airline staff responsiveness scored the highest while satisfaction was declared for the different service experiences for both airlines.

Research limitations/implications: This research was limited to Omani traveller’s preference for selecting Oman Air and/or Salam Air as both are local airlines which is convenient for the researcher’s access. The most challenging obstacle faced when conducting this research was the pandemic, Covid-19.

Social Implications: The study addresses a critical gap in the existing literature by focusing on Omani traveller’s and their decision-making processes, contributing to the knowledge base and aiding airlines in tailoring their services to meet Omani travellers’ expectations.

Originality / Value: This research examines unique factors such as airline image, price, service quality, and safety the research provides fresh insights into this specific market, considering Oman’s distinctive cultural and economic context.




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Al Raisi, N., & Krishnan, Y. (2023). Factors Influencing Omani Traveler’s Preference While Choosing Low-Cost Airlines and Full-Service Airlines. International Journal of Research in Entrepreneurship &Amp; Business Studies, 4(3), 1–18. https://doi.org/10.47259/ijrebs.431